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Manners for Dog Party Guests


Your pooch has finally received his or her first invitation to a dog party. While he or she is looking forward to playing with his or her doggy pals you’re fretting about embarrassing yourself with your dog’s behavior. Worry no more; these tips will help you and your pet shine. The key to a successful evening is being prepared. Don’t assume that your host will think about your dog’s specific needs. If your dog has a health condition, particularly relating to food, make sure to tell them in advance.

Manners for Dog Party Guests

Prepare and bring a ‘doggy diaper bag.’ This should have: gifts for the hosting dogs, a couple of treats, food if your dog’s on a special diet, water, bowls for your dog to eat and drink from, a leash, a special treat for the car ride home, and – most importantly – bags to pick up your dog’s poop. Even though Fido will undoubtedly make his or her mess outside, no one wants to spend the day after a party picking up after a houseful of hounds. Picking up your dog’s poop will set you and your pet above the rest of the “party poopers.”

When you’re at the party, make sure to keep a close eye on your pooch. Besides introducing him or her to new playmates and party attendees make sure to keep an eye on where your dog is playing and what he or she is eating. With a lot of other doggy mommies and daddies around, things may get a little out of hand, and the only way to not be caught by surprised is to be aware of your pup’s whereabouts.

Leaving can be the hardest part of a good dog party. You’re tired and want to go, but your dog is still busy enjoying him or her self. How you leave can make or break a party. During the party, make sure to interrupt your dog’s play, calling him or her to your side and rewarding his or her obedience with a treat. If your dog doesn’t respond, calmly go over and lead them back to where you were standing, then praise them for their obedience. Repeat this all throughout the party, until your pooch comes running whenever you call. This way, when it’s time to go he or she will gladly come to your side and you can snap on the leash and walk away without a fuss.

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