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Information on Golden Retriever Habits


The golden retriever is a wonderful breed of dogs, as they are highly agile and intelligent. Though they have so many good qualities like liveliness and loyalty, some people fear to keep them as pets due to the golden retriever habits. When even a food bowl or toys has been retained to your dog, the golden retriever believes that the food bowl is because of its use.

Golden Retriever HomeIt expresses a dominant feeling over all things placed in front of it. But this is not considered as a good feeling. They must not become dominant over other breeds. At the same time, the dogs must not be isolated. They must accept the concept of socialization. The golden retriever must learn to share the toys or the food items with the other breeds or at least with the same breed of dogs.

When this concept of socialization is started, the feeling of dominating other dogs will be naturally lost. How can the natural forms of golden retriever habits be changed? There are very simple methods to achieve this. Firstly you need a lot of patience to train them in the right way. Once they start picking up these good habits, they will not forget them.

You can easily make them to follow the concept of sharing. After you place the toys or food, you can snatch it away from them, after some time. This can be done for two to three weeks. The dogs will start to understand that the food has to be shared and it will realize that it cannot find pleasure in keeping the entire bowl of food, for itself. Similarly the toys or other possession of the golden retriever can also be removed and replaced in this way.

The golden retriever habits like overeating or hyperactivity is not liked by many people. You might have observed that the golden retriever barks loudly at times. They will not stop barking for one hour. Though they become tired, they will not stop this activity. If you do not control these golden retriever habits at an early stage, then you will find it very difficult to manage the dogs at a later stage.

They must be made to realize that it is a bad habit to bark continuously, as it causes disturbance to others. You can divert the thinking of dogs when it barks. You can either provide them a little food item or small and colorful toy to play. Chewing is one of the most annoying golden retriever habits. When they are quite free, they will begin to chew the things that are surrounding them.

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For instance, when you leave the dog unattended, it will start to chew the shoes that lie on the ground. Sometimes, they will be chewing the carpet ends. They will cause serious damage to the household items. Moreover, they will also develop few infections or diseases by chewing the items that are infected with either the virus or bacteria. Thus these golden retriever habits must be surely changed.

What are the Golden Retriever Habits?

Do you have a golden retriever at home? Pets are the best friends in the world. When you have dogs as pest, it is even more interesting and lively. You will never feel lonely at home. Moreover the dogs are always known for their loyalty as well as intelligence. There are so many breeds of dogs. But there are certain clear reasons why many people wish  to keep the golden retriever as their pets at home.

They are considered to be a highly jovial breed of dogs. Many families have it as a tradition to grow them and when the puppies are born, these puppies are shared among the family members. Thus there will be quicker expansion of this breed ion the same family. These puppies have got few bad habits as well.

This needs to observed in the initial stages and the dog needs to be trained in such a way that it stops following these bad habits. They are trained to pick up the new and good habits. This might take a little time. But you need to strive a little harder. Once you train them to follow these good habits, you can be confident that the golden retrievers are always safe.

Since these golden retrievers are quick learners, it is easy to teach the golden retriever habits. One of the most irritating or annoying golden retriever habits is the overeating nature. When you place the food in front of the puppies or any dog, they will eat the food, either partially or completely.

In most of the cases, they will not be demanding for more food. But in the case of golden retriever, it is slightly different. They will not only eat the food that is kept in front of them, but also demand for more food items. Since they have this tendency of eating lot of food, they are also more prone to obesity.

When you feed less food to these pets, they will not stop with it. They will crave for more food. They will start eating the food kept for adult humans. These golden retrievers might even become ferocious at times and snatch the food placed for other dogs or pets. They might even start begging for food. Thus you need to know the right way to train them.

Too much of fat gets deposited in the liver and abdomen region, making the body heavy. Thus the golden retriever will find it difficult to travel from one place to another. Moreover, it is not nice to look at an obese golden retriever. The main purpose of having these dogs as pets is due to their beauty and swift nature.

If this is lost due to obesity, then there is no use in having the dog as pets.
Some golden retrievers are highly active. They will be barking continuously. If they do this during the night time, your sleep will be completely disturbed. They will also start damaging the household items. Thus this needs to be controlled.

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