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How to Buy the Best Dog Food


Is it safe to buy the dog food that contains a lot of artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives? Is it safe to buy the pet food that has more artificial supplements? You might be having so many questions in mind, before getting the best dog food. This article will mainly discuss about the points that need to be noted, when you got to a pet shop to get the favorite food for your dogs.

How to Buy the Best Dog Food

Some people might wish to grow their dogs in big and fluffy varieties. They will mainly concentrate on the external appearance of the dogs. They might forget the importance of nutrients to the actual health of dogs. Some people might even pamper their dogs with the foods that they crave for. They might give them pet foods, that contain too much of artificial dyes and flavors. The dogs might feed well on these foods.

But when you check their health status over a period of time, you might observe that there is deterioration. Sometimes, the damage caused to different organs, by these coloring agents in pet foods, might be irreparable. Too much of salt intake must also be strictly avoided in dogs.

Protein is an important component in any dog food. But the best dog food must not have blood meal or chicken byproducts. The blood meal refers to animal blood. But the blood meal in the dog food might have been drawn even from a sick animal. Similarly, chicken meal will increase the protein percentage. But it considered being a cheap filling agent, as it does not have the chicken head or bones.

Though meat meal and bone meal are highly rich in protein, they might have been derived from the sick animals or the highly infected animals. Sometimes, it can even be derived from the cancerous tissues of animals. When such unsafe food source is used, you might not get the desired benefits. Thus it is safe to avoid the foods that contain these ingredients. If the protein is from uninfected clean plants or uninfected normal animals, it can be considered.

When you buy certain cheap dog foods, you might observe that it contains a lot of gluten in it. Some packets will also contain more corn in it. These are actually considered to be cheap binding agents. They do not have any sort of nutritional value and these components will just help in increasing the weight of the food item.

Such empty components can be avoided. Many dogs will love foods that taste sweet. Thus when the artificial sweeteners are added in large quantities, the dogs will love to feed on them. For instance, if it contains sorbitol or fructose in large quantities, it need not be used. Corn syrup and cane molasses must not be used.When foods containing too much of these components are used, cataracts and tooth decay might also occur in many dogs. Obesity as well as arthritis might also occur in some dogs. Some dogs can even get addicted to such pet foods.

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