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Hints and Tricks to Stop Dog Barking


Is your dog an incessant barker? Does every little noise set him or her to yipping? Do they howl when you leave them alone for five minutes? Here’s some advice to help silence your dog’s barking.

Hints and Tricks to Stop Dog Barking

For dogs who bark for attention a good way to handle the situation is to not praise your dog. If your dog is chronically barking for attention, not praising him or her will teach them that the only way they will get the attention they crave is through behaving properly. Retrain your dog, only praising or petting them when they do as directed. Make sure to act like you don’t notice your attention craving hound unless they are responding to a command.

If your dog suffers from seperation anxiety he or she may bark constantly when you leave the house. A good way to deal with this it to treat your leaving as commonplace by not saying goodbye or greeting your dog with excited love when you return. If your dog senses that you aren’t anxious about leaving them alone, they will be less likely to get anxious about it as well.

For owners who are exhausted from countless attempts to train their pet not to bark there are several innovations which can help deter your dog. From anti-bark collars, like those made by Multi-vet that use a burst of citronella scent released when your dog barks, to outdoor or indoor devices, like the Lentek Bark Free sonic device that produces a sound deterrent, there are many products on the market today to help you easily control your noise making hound.

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