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Common Health Issues and Ailments of Golden Retriever


There are many common health issues that your Golden Retriever can expertise from time to time. Most of these ailments are nothing serious, providing you recognize how they must be treated and prevented. Below, we will take a look at the most common health problems, and tell you advise on ways to avoid your Golden from obtaining them.

Common Health Issues and Ailments


Hookworms result from your Golden getting into contact with feces, his mother, or the worm simply burrowing underneath exposed skin.  You will stop your dog from getting hookworms by cleaning his living area and keeping his skin clean. The symptoms that accompany hookworms include a dry coat, weight loss, weakness, and blood within the stool. As with all ailments, you should immediately contact your vet if your Golden Retriever starts to show any of these symptoms.


Tapeworms are normally caused by fleas, and have an effect on your dog’s stomach. The symptoms for tapeworms include a loss in weight, diarrhea, and even biting of the rectal area. You will simply stop your Golden from getting tapeworms by employing a rigid flea control. If your Golden Retriever exhibits symptoms for tapeworms, you should take him to the vet immediately. If the vet catches them in time, he could be able to kill the tapeworms with an oral medicine.

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Rabies is one of the more serious ailments that your Golden Retriever can get, and it has an adverse effect on your dog’s nervous system. Normally, dogs get rabies through a bite of another animal that is infected with the disease. There are rabies shots that helps to prevent the disease, and your dog should get them at least annually. The symptoms of rabies include seizures, aggression, and foaming at the mouth. If you think your Golden has rabies, you should visit the vet immediately.


During the summer months or hot days, your Golden Retriever can get a heatstroke. You will stop this from happening by giving your dog plenty of water, and never leaving him in direct sunlight or locked up inside a car. If you are playing together on a hot day, you should give him ample time to rest therefore he doesn’t overdo it. The symptoms indicating a heatstroke include a heap of panting or drooling, dark gums, a glazed expression, speedy pulse, and even vomiting. If your dog starts to indicate any of those symptoms, you should immediately take him to the vet.


Heart-worms are among the most common ailment with all dog breeds.  They will reach lengths of up to 12 inches in the heart and also the lung arteries, resulting in heart failure, a decrease in blood circulation, and even death in some cases. The symptoms with heart-worms could not be seen till it is too late, so you are better off preventing them with the proper heart-worm medicines.

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Distemper virus

The distemper virus is an airborne disease that poses a high risk.  This virus can be prevented by giving your Golden Retriever three different vaccinations when he is between six and sixteen weeks of age, along with his regular annual booster shot. The symptoms from this virus include fever, nausea, cough, and nausea. If your Golden Retriever has those signs, you should instantly take him into the vet.

Although these are just some of the most common ailments for Golden Retrievers, there are more ailments and health issues that your dog can get.  If your Golden starts to show any signs of ailment, disease, or health drawback, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact your vet for more professional advice. Some of these diseases and ailments can be pretty serious – although they can be treated if you catch them in time.

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