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Best Food for Your Golden Retriever


There are three main types of pet dog foods. But you need to choose the best dog food. The commercial dog food is the first type. This is mainly bought by many people, as it contains all the necessary nutrients needs for the growth of dogs.

Best Dog Food for Your Golden Retriever

But sometimes, it might contain more preservatives or artificial supplements. This can be considered as a disadvantage. Since these are easily available in the local supermarkets or in the normal pet stores, many people find it so easy to buy and feed their dogs.

Sometimes, the veterinarians will also be giving you free, sample sachets of these dog foods. You can use this as a trial period and check if your dog loves such food items. These dog foods will be mainly available in the form of dry or semi dry varieties. It can be available even in the canned form.

Some examples of commercial food products include the Pedigree and Science Diet. These are widely used in many countries as it has safe components and are sold at affordable prices. The next variety is the raw dog food. It contains a lot of bones. This can be either prepared at home or bought as a pre-packaged food.

The best dog food must have 100 percent natural components. Artificial sweeteners like sorbitol must be avoided. The third food type is the home made dog food. But when you prepare them at home, the best ingredients must be used. If you use blood meal or chicken meal, it must be obtained from clean sources.

Disease infected species or carcinogenic animals must not be used. Care must be taken to prepare the best dog food in the clean environment. Formulations like proteins, vitamins and minerals have to be added in right proportions to create the best dog food.

Moreover, you must understand about the calorie requirements of each dog. Based on the weight, gender, age as well as the height of the dog, the calorie requirement is determined. You can prepare them in the form of healthy soup or meaty stew. You can prepare them even like salads or like pies. This is like a trial and error method.

IF you find that the dogs love the taste of the food or the color or flavor, you can standardize the proportion of the ingredients. You can use the same components in the same ratios during your next preparation. Even dogs need a change from the routine. If you serve the same food for the entire year, two main things can occur.

In the first case, it might get addicted to it. In the second case, it might start creating an aversion towards such foods. Thus you need to change the routine every few weeks.

In the best dog food, you will find more protein, fats and fibers and fewer amounts of preservatives and coloring agents or artificial flavors. BHA and BHT in dog foods are banned in many places. Coloring agents like yellow-6 must be avoided.

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