How to write a perfect essay in the college entrance examination?

Writing is one of the most challenging stages for college students. This is because, unlike multiple-choice questions, it is necessary to have a series of knowledge to compose a text. After all, the essay serves as much to evaluate the domain of the language, as the repertoire and the capacity of argumentation.

Because it is a complex form of evaluation, the writing note has a great influence on the vestibular result. This means that a good text can be decisive in winning the long-awaited university degree.

Knowing this importance, we have prepared this article to help you write a perfect essay in the college entrance examination. Check out the tips and practice to practice following these recommendations!

The argumentative-essay genre

The majority of vestibular and Enem require that the essay follow the argumentative-essay model. This textual genre allows the candidate to talk about the proposed subject, presenting arguments that support his opinion.

It is also common that the college entrance exam requires the candidate to solve the problem. Therefore, the text should present a conclusion, considering the arguments presented above.

In practice, the text should be structured as follows:

Introduction – The first paragraph of the text should present the theme and the problem around it. This is a more expository and less opinionated paragraph;

Development – The next two or three paragraphs should be devoted to argumentation and argumentation. It is in the development that the candidate will present his opinions, supported by true and convincing arguments;

Conclusion – The last paragraph is intended to summarize the central idea of the text and propose a solution to the problem.

Looking at this structure may even seem easy. But the correction of the writing of the vestibular is very rigorous. Therefore, it is important to take care to avoid contradictions in the arguments and slips in the use of the standard norm of the Portuguese language. To do this, try the following steps:

Read the supporting texts carefully

The first step in writing a good essay in the college entrance examination is to read the supporting texts carefully. This is important because they serve as a basis for composing your argument, even though you have never thought about it.

Also, try to understand exactly what the topic of writing is. A careful reading of the proposal and supporting texts helps you to avoid getting away from it.

Structure your ideas in topics

After reading the proposal and the supporting texts, you must decide what your approach will be on the subject. So before you start writing your essay, try to punctuate your arguments.

Structure in topics what will be addressed in the introduction, development and completion. This way, you will be able to organize your ideas before you start writing and you will have a vision of how your text will look. In this way, you will be able to present the arguments in the proper order and avoid contradictions.

Put your essay on paper

With your ideas structured, it’s time to write your essay indeed. Draft the text, always using the necessary cohesion mechanisms. That is, making good use of terms and phrases to link phrases and paragraphs.

Take care to produce an objective essay, avoiding ambiguities and disconnected phrases. It is essential that your text be clear and straightforward, without giving way to misinterpretations.

Review your text and go clean

Make a careful reading of your essay, if possible, more than once. Note the spelling of words, punctuation and sentence structure. If something seems disconnected, ambiguous or unclear, rewrite.

After making the necessary changes, pass your text clean on the appropriate sheet. Remember to respect the number of lines and spacing before paragraphs. And do not forget to make a readable letter. After all, if the broker does not understand what is written, he may even disqualify his writing.

Finally, remember that anyone who reads more writes better. So, if you will be taking the college entrance exam soon, get the reading habit right away. This will contribute to expand your vocabulary, repertoire, world knowledge and, consequently, your writing.